Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Personality vs. competence

An interesting survey conducted for the Walter Gordon Symposium on Public Policy finds that the Conservative base emphasizes personality over competence.

Canadians' divisions sharpest on values, religion and education
Canadians divide on the traits they want in their national leaders. Supporters of centre-left parties (63 per cent of Liberal supporters, for example) and the university educated (62 per cent) prefer leaders who show knowledge and understanding. Seniors, men, Conservative Party supporters, frequent church attendees and those who ideologically identify with the “right” prefer decency, morality, decisiveness and certainty.

Presumably this is why Harper and the Conservatives have focused so much on preserving Harper's image as a decent guy and a good leader (through staged photos, tightly controlled events, praise at every opportunity for Harper's outstanding leadership), and on blackening Ignatieff's image. A fake magazine cover put together by the Conservatives:
The problem with trying to judge politicians by their personality is that it's easy to manipulate. Harper's succeeded in projecting the image of a decent and competent leader, when in fact he's squandered the surpluses built up by the Liberals between 1995 and 2006, and he's borrowing more money to pay for tax cuts, prisons, and fighter jets. What's decent and moral about that?

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